Call for papers

The 9th ISGM organising committee invites abstracts (in English with maximum 300 words) and full papers on the theory and practice of ‘Green Mining’ in the following areas:

  • Stress distribution, caving and surface subsidence
  • Backfill methods
  • Roadway and strata support methods and technologies
  • Integrated extraction of coal and coal seam gas under multiseam conditions
  • Gas emission mechanism in disturbed strata after mining
  • Characteristics of strata stress in deep mines
  • Mine microseismics and rock outburst/wind blast
  • Coal mine methane drainage and utilisation
  • VAM use and emission mitigation
  • Impacts of groundwater and its protection and use
  • Mine wastes/tailings reduction and utilisation
  • Technologies for reducing carbon footprints from mining process.

In addition, the conference is particularly interested in papers covering topics of

  • Coal bump or rock burst in underground coal mines
  • Green open cut mining
  • Innovative clean coal utilisation technologies

Selected papers will be published in a special issue in the International Journal of Mining Science and Technology – an EI and Scopus indexed English language journal published by ELSEVIER.

All abstracts must be written in English with maximum 300 words. View template.